Demo Packages

Welcome to the Objectif Lune demo repository. Here you will find demonstrations of applications featuring OL Connect technologies. Each demo includes: an introduction that explains the process or sets the context, an online version (when possible) and a link to download and install it to your computer. This page will be updated whenever a new demo is developed, so check back often.

We hope you find these helpful.

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Disclaimer: All resources available on this page are intended for educational and demonstration purposes and should not be deployed directly into a production environment.


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Note: These services require an OL Learn account.

Live demonstrations of OL Products

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  • COTG: Online Demo

    Capture OnTheGo

    This Capture OnTheGO demo lets you try out the application without needing to install anything beyond the COTG mobile application! In order to use this demo, you will need to have an account on OL Learn and head out to your profile page. Here, you will have access to multiple documents that you can download and use.

  • E-commerce (Web Sales) Demo

    PlanetPress Connect

    This demo showcases a basic "online sales" website, including a product/sales form page, 4-part purchase process, as well as some emails sent to the client.

    Please note:This demo represents a web-only sales portal where you would need to integrate your own payment platform. It is not a functional shopping cart.
  • Dashboard Demo

    PlanetPress Connect

    This demo was created with Connect to demonstrate its capability to deliver dashboards with information recorded by the workflow tool using Connect’s multi-channel output. ACME sends out regular email campaigns and wants to track the impact these campaigns have on sales. When a campaign is sent out, Connect records the number of emails sent (and the differential with the previous campaign), the ones that bounced, the unsubscribed, the number of clicks and the number and amount of sales generated through that campaign.

  • Ad Hoc Mail Consolidation

    PlanetPress Connect


    This demo guides you on the OL Connect Send product, by letting you print an example document through our HTTP-enabled printer driver. Once the document is printed, an interactive multi-step interface is presented in the browser, demonstrating the customization capabilities of OL Connect Send using the Workflow automation back-end.

  • OL Banking Demo

    PlanetPress Connect

    The OL Banking Demo showcases the ability to combine personalized email and web communications into a simple process that can be followed step by step by the user, as well as the integration of multiple branded services into a seamless user experience.

  • COTG: Quote Generator

    Capture OnTheGo

    This demo showcases Connect technology and Capture OnTheGo capabilities.
    It simulates the capture of a legacy system that prints a quote addressed to a customer. The print stream is converted to a COTG form that is sent to the customer's account manager who can then add a personalized note, additional documentation and a signature that is then be sent out to the customer. This demo is available as a document in the existing COTG: Online Demo.