OL Demos

Welcome to the Objectif Lune demo repository. Here you will find demonstrations of applications featuring OL Connect technologies.

We hope you find these helpful.

Disclaimer: All resources available on this page are intended for educational and demonstration purposes and should not be deployed directly into a production environment.


Samples are now located in the Resource Center!


Note: Some of these services require an OL Learn account.

Live demonstrations of OL Products

  • Ad Hoc Mail Demo

    This demo allows you to print directly from your Windows desktop or upload documents and merge them with virtual stationery and other PDF attachments. You can use single or mail merge – fixed length – documents, preview the result and once ready, download them for local or remote printing and/or emailing.

  • Correspondence Management

    This demo allows you to demonstrate a Correspondence Management process from start to finish, from the point of view of four separate stakeholders: a content owner who can create, modify schedule content for business critical documents in a web portal – all without the involvement of IT ; the customer facing user who is able to – where allowed – personalise correspondence and send it by email or print; a print operator who can group and batch documents to optimise the printing process and finally the customer, who gets personalised and accurate documents – every time.

  • Accounts Receivable Demo

    PlanetPress Connect

    This demo allows you to demonstrate an Accounts Receivable process from start to finish, from the point of view of three separate stakeholders: the client who can login to see their invoices in a portal and change their delivery preferences to include print, email, SMS and even e-Invoicing; the accounts receivable user who uses the embedded Line-Of-Business emulator to print invoices, monitor activity and manage receivables; and finally, the print operator who can see print jobs and then select them for batch printing (or not).

  • Proof of Delivery Demo

    Capture OnTheGo

    This demo allows you to demonstrate a Proof Of Delivery process from start to finish, from the point of view of three separate stakeholders: the line of business operator, who uses the embedded LOB emulator to send out the documents to the driver and monitors all ongoing deliveries through a dynamic dashboard; the driver who fills out the POD form when making the delivery, optionally adding notes and pictures; and finally the recipient, who receives notifications for each step of the process via email and SMS, and ultimately signs the POD document before the driver submits it - geolocation included - back into the system.

  • Capture OnTheGo demos

    Capture OnTheGo

    This Capture OnTheGO demo lets you try out the application without needing to install anything beyond the COTG mobile application! In order to use this demo, you will need to have an account on OL Learn and head out to your profile page. Here, you will have access to multiple documents that you can download and use.

  • OL Banking Demo

    PlanetPress Connect

    The OL Banking Demo showcases the ability to combine personalized email and web communications into a simple process that can be followed step by step by the user, as well as the integration of multiple branded services into a seamless user experience.